New Music Friday April 8, 2022

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This week’s treasure hunt: Find whose video has a cameo from David Byrne.

Follow the Playlist on Spotify that will have all the new tracks, and a few from past weeks.


As we grow and mature, it’s as if we clothes ourselves with new personalities. New Threads embraces that thought.

Genre: Indie Pop

New Threads is best listened to as we look into a mirror and see someone entirely new.

Envy of None

Before you RUSH to see which Canadian Rock Royalty is involved in this project…just listen to Never Said I Love You by Envy of None.

Genre: Alternative Indie

Never Said I Love You is best listened to when we feel saying those words are a hard pill to swallow.

Wet Leg

Another catchy song from Wet Leg along with a fun to watch video.

Genre: Quirkindie

Ur Mum is best listened to when recovering from a concussion.

Avril Jensen

Quebec’s version of Billie Eilish, Avril created a nice smooth vibe on Colors, a song about trading in artistry for cash in the music business.

Genre: Indie Pop

Colors is best listened to when we are tempted to trade our authenticity.

Dear Rouge

Dear Rouge released Gimme Spirit about their rebirth into new people after these last few crazy years.

Genre: Alternative Indie

Gimme Spirit is best listened to as you give birth to a new YOU.

Sheenah Ko

As we wake from Canadian winter hibernation, let’s take a moment to notice the beauty in nature, like Sheenah does in Waterfall.

Genre: Electro Pop

Waterfall is best listened to rolling in the mud, cleansing our mind.

Deanna Petcoff

Some days, we can relate to Deanna and feel like a Trash Bag. That’s OK.

Genre: Alternative Indie

Trash Bag is best listened to when trying to get your crap together.


Audrey is the latest from carolesdaughter. Who would you do anything for?

Genre: Pop

Audrey is best listened to between falling in love and free falling, trusting that it’s going to be OK.

Lizzy McAlpine (feat FINNEAS)

Be cool or in love? That is the question Lizzy asks with hate to be lame.

Genre: Folk Pop

hate to be lame is best listened to as you take the leap and lose yourself in the sometimes messy human emotion: LOVE.

Allegra Jordyn

Can love ruin your life, or can allowing oneself to fall in love despite that fear be liberating?

Genre: Pop

Ruin My Life is best listened to as you gaze into the eyes of someone you are ready to allow penetrate your heart.

James Favron

What happens when love goes wrong? Let James Favron explain it in Lovers.

Genre: Pop

Lovers is best listened to an ice cream binge is not enough to mend a broken heart.

Emma Beko

Digital Damage is an anthem for those that feel they don’t belong.

Genre: Hip-Hop

Digital Damage is best listened to when embracing your weirdo…only to find that there are many others out there who will accept you for who you are.

Maggie Rogers

A love letter to New York is the topic of That’s Where I Am from Maggie Rogers.

Genre: Alternative Indie

That’s Where I Am is best listened to when you want to belt one out from the rooftops.

Bishop Briggs

Bishop is one never afraid to let her emotions bleed into her songs. High Water is no exception.

Genre: Pop

High Water is best listened to when you don’t want to cry alone.

Simple Plan

The song could be called wake me up when this Pandemic if over. If you are still awake, maybe this is what you need to keep going.

Genre: Pop Punk

Wake Me Up (When This Nightmare’s Over) is best listened to when we need a reason to hang on for another day.

The Sheepdogs

Fun one with So Far Gone from the Sheepdogs.

Genre: Rock

So Far Gone is best listened to on the shag carpet inside your spray painted wolves howling at the moon van.

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