New Music Friday April 29, 2022

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In this week’s treasure hunt, which band found a word that rhymes with truck and used both?


Worry has the skillful ability to create a wormhole with one foot in the 90s and one in the present.

Genre: 90s Alternative…the best kind

ISOLATED + TO LOVE is best listened to while under a lockdown of quarantine.

Fontaines D.C.

Who is looking forward to Fontaines D.C. at Corona on Monday? Until then, listen to Roman Holiday.

Genre: Post Punk

Roman Holiday is best listened to on a road trip while wearing high heels…for whatever reason.


The band that defies a label, released Follow The Fool.

Genre: Bass Rock (not the fish)

Follow The Fool is best listened to before voting.

The Subways

My fault for being at the cottage with no internet last week, so this new one by The Subways makes a late entry with Oi You Boy Bands.

Genre: Alternative Indie

Oi You Boy Bands is best listened to if you are Elon Musk who just bought all tickets to a BTS concert and shred them all, while laughing hysterically.


New one by beabadoobee titled See You Soon was written after a solo shroom trip. Beatrice Laus says it is “my favourite one I have ever done.” Do you agree?

Genre: Indie-Rock

See You Soon is best listened to when you just need a little space, alone.


Metric is a band that keeps reinventing their sound and All Comes Crashing is yet another example of their superpower.

Genre: Indie Chic

All Comes Crashing is best listened to, lying beside your bestie as you stare at the meteor coming to destroy our earth.

Chris Grey & Allegra Jordyn

Two powerhouse artists come together in body, soul and song for Dancing On The Edge. For some reason, it reminded me a little of The Cutting Edge movie poster.

Genre: Pop

Dancing On The Edge is best listened to when wearing a tuxedo on skates.

James Vincent McMorrow

Soulful James Vincent McMorrow released The Less I Knew.

Genre: Chill Folk Indie

The Less I Knew is best listened to when reading the news.

Milk & Bone

Milk & Bone continue to evolve their sound with this little chill number.

Genre: Pop

Bigger Love is best listened to when you don’t want to take the love dagger out of your fragile heart.

Kevin Morby

Kevin Morby can sure create a cool vibe and A Random Act of Kindness is a great example. Infusing a little Dylan vibe as a bonus.

Genre: Indie Folk Rock

A Random Act of Kindness is best listened to when buying the person behind you a Starbucks coffee.

iskwē + Tom Wilson

Got hooked on the riff right from the start for Long Way Down. It’s like a non-smoker version of Tom Waits meets Nick Cave if he was another gender.

Genre: Chill Vibe too cool to be country, to chill to be rock.

Long Way Down is best listened to while driving in a convertible Cadillac in the desert towards Vegas, in some sort of Fear and Loathing style.

Aaron Abernathy, Greg Jong

Try not to dance to this one by Aaron Abernathy & Greg Jong.

Genre: Funk

Smooth Sailin’ is best listened to while wearing sparkly bell bottoms holding a martini.


The Editors seemed to have merged decades of genres into one cohesive epic track with Heart Attack.

Genre: Alternative Indie

Heart Attack is best listened to as you get CPR.

Check out this week’s new album releases below:

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