New Music Friday April 15, 2022

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This week’s treasure hunt…find the song where someone drinks from their eye hole.

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The Royal Foundry

One of our favourite musical couples, The Royal Foundry released another banger with Little High Little Low.

Genre: Indie Pop

Little High Little Low is best listened to you want to get from low to ridiculously high on life.


The banger anthem of this generation, I want it to be Easy. Play this when you need to speed up your chores by 10x.

Genre: EDM

Easy is best listened to when you enjoy the sound of zippers.


fanclubwallet has a way of crafting catchy pop songs with a dose of quirky. Orange Julep sighting!

Genre: Indie Pop

Trying to Be Nice is best listened to when screaming to yourself in a mirror.

Deaton Chris Anthony (with beabadoobee)

iScream has a Blink-182-like vibe with the collaboration of beabadoobee.

Genre: Alternative Pop

iScream is best listened to when cruising in your tractor.


bülow has a voice that is just so easy to listen to. Her latest is Booty Call

Genre: Pop

Booty Call is best listened to at 2AM when you feel like texting: you up?

100 gecs

Not sure how to introduce Doritos & Fritos, so just listen to this fruit salad mix of genres.

Genre: Hyperpop

Doritos & Fritos is best listened to when you have a case of the munchies.

Phoebe Bridgers

Sidelines is a mellow mood enhancer for Hulu’s Conversations With Friends.

Genre: Chill Indie

Sidelines is best listened to when you find yourself talking to your house plants.

Flower Face

Sweet October Birds is like a poem set to music.

Genre: Dream Pop

October Birds is best listened to when you simply need to cry.

Saya Gray

Saya Gray released SAVING GRACE with an addictive lyrical cadence. Saya also miraculously created this epic line “Told my temper that tampons tamper with temptation.”

Genre: Electro Pop

SAVING GRACE is best listened to when shopping for feminine hygiene products just needs a little pizzazz.


GRAE’s new album Whiplash is now out, and the last track is a gentle I Don’t Know How to Girlfriend.

Genre: Art Pop

I Don’t Know How to Girlfriend is best listened to when anxious doubts flood our minds as we explore our relationship insecurities.

Victoria Anthony

Victoria has a way to create masterfully fun pop songs.

Genre: Pop

Kinda Into You is best listened to performing your best roller-skate tricks.

Check out some of this week’s album releases below:

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