Marco Calliari on Molotov Mon Amour, his long music career & addressing mental illness

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From heavy metal to world music to his latest production under the name of Molotov Mon Amour, Marco Calliari has never ceased to surprise and inspire his listeners. 

Born and raised in Montréal from an Italian family, Marco has an extensive career that counts many albums under his belt and a new solo project in French. 

Earlier this month, he launched his latest single Si c’était toi almost a year after his first single  J’T’Haïme. Immersed into the difficult yet very timely topic of mental illness, this track and its video point out the truth about a condition that touches a lot of us through lyrics and images that convey a deep reflection.

Waiting for him to own different stages as Marco Calliari and as Molotov Mon Amour, Montreal Rocks had a very interesting talk with him about his next projects, his career and the power of music.

Molotov Mon Amour offers an alternative pop-rock sound stemming from the eclectic and tumultuous journey undertaken by Marco. After years of working in both metal and traditional Italian music scenes, he is now adding a new string to his bow, French songs.

Watch our interview with Marco Calliari below:

Photo credit – Christyna Pelletier

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