Maisie Peters + Grace Ember @ MTelus

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Tuesday night in the hallowed halls of MTelus was a pop show that Ed Sheeran would approve of. Yes, none other than his own artist on Gingerbread Man Records, the young British pop star Maisie Peters.  The show was originally scheduled to be at the Beanfield Theatre, but since that sold out quickly the venue was upgraded to allow a few more folks to enjoy The Good Witch Comes To America tour.

To start off the night, New Jersey native Grace Ember took to the stage armed only with her guitar.  She performed an eight-song set that was intimate and fun which included a song she said we could sign along to since we probably didn’t know the lyrics to her first four songs, which included “Bad Guy” and “When It’s Over.” The song she played lit up the room, and let’s just say the girl in attendance had fun.  Performing a very charming version of the Cyndi Lauper anthem, “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun.”

After all the bracelet exchanging, the excitement was at its peak when the lights turned off and the GOOD WITCH lit up on stage. It was time for Maisie to give her fans what they came here for, a great time. She started the night off with “The Good Witch,” which set the tone for the night; she then grabbed her guitar and gave us a great performance of “Coming of Age” and “Body Better.”  Already, she is owning the stage, throughout the night she would give us insight into her songwriting and was very humble.  She reminds us of her last visit to Montreal when she performed at Petit Campus in front of 100 people, and a few years later she performed to over 1000 people, you could feel how proud and grateful she was in that moment.

She gave everyone in that room their money’s worth playing a  set of nineteen songs.  Nobody left that room disappointed as she played her singles “Not Another Rockstar,” “Blonde,” and “Cate’s Brother.”   The highlight for me was her telling the story of when she wrote “John Hughes Movie” when she was 16 or 17 and jumping into this song, it felt nostalgic, just a beautiful moment.

Finally, she ended her set with an encore of “History of a Man,” and “Lost the Breakup.” It was a fitting ending for the show.  She was wonderful and we can’t wait to see her again soon.

Review & photos – Eric Brisson

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