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Magdalena Bay | Société des arts technologiques [SAT]

Electronic synth-pop duo Magdalena Bay danced their way through North America.

Ahead of the release of their latest album “Mercurial World”, vocalist Mica Tenenbaum and producer Matthew Lewin sold out multiple venues far and wide. As stated, this was their biggest tour yet, I had high anticipations for the many surprises ahead.

Magdalena Bay gained a massive following after their hit single “Killshot” went viral over TikTok this past year. An artist who was once an underdog in the indie-pop community, they quickly became some of the most popular around the world right now.

Upon entering the beloved SAT, I was completely overwhelmed by the atmosphere. In the best way possible.

The artist managed to nearly completely fill the venue front to back. Considering the size of the SAT, it definitely takes a lot of love for an artist to fill that space.

Magdalena Bay made it look far too easy.

I saw every colour of the rainbow around me. A mix of lights and glitter shone vividly as far as my eye could see. Not a single audience member lacked a smile.

Vocalist Mica Tenenbaum wore a stunning psychedelic printed bodysuit accompanied by white platform gogo boots. Looking at her made me feel as if I was on a rocketship flying through space in the 80’s. She was radiant. Bouncing across the stage effortlessly. She was clearly just as excited as her fans were to be there with them. Her happiness was far too contagious and it was a joy for me to witness.

It seemed Magdalena Bay had a newfound third member named Chaeri. Named after a song from their album “Mercurial World.” Chaeri is a robot made up of computer parts, a mannequin, and a voice similar to a GPS system. Chaeri became a fan favourite of the night who commented on their performances. This was surely something I’ve never seen before.

They played many hits from their latest album “Mercurial World” such as “Dawning of the Season”, “You Lose”, “Chaeri,” and “Dreamcatching.”

My most memorable moment of the night for me would definitely have been when they performed “The Beginning”. This was their encore song which is also my favourite. All of the SAT was jumping up and down in unison, and I felt deeply connected to all who were there with me. It was truly a night I will cherish forever.

After their encore, I was touched when Magdalena Bay announced that after a short water break, they would be at the merch table to talk to their fans and give autographs. The lineup quickly grew all the way to the back of the venue. However they turned nobody away. Magdalena Bay met every single fan waiting. That is often rare for me to see. Seeing the amount of love they have for their fans made me appreciate them as artists so much more.

I waited until everyone had their turn, as I wanted to meet with them last. They graciously signed my setlist for me and I was incredibly lucky enough to tell them in person how incredible their performance was. 

Magdalena Bay’s global domination is only growing stronger by the minute. Looking ahead to a couple of years in the future, I know larger venues and stadium tours will be up next for them. I’ll be looking back to this moment fondly. 

I can’t wait to see what the future holds for Magdalena Bay.

Rachel Lynn

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