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Monday, the weather network warned us of a warm front coming in and to brace for the heat.  For a few thousand people, that heat began with Louis Tomlinson performing at Place Bell in Laval. 

A crowd of mostly females were waiting in anticipation for Louis to come out on stage before they had snarls and The Academic open for him.  Due to the photo restrictions, unfortunately, I didn’t get to see these acts, I heard good things and hope to be able to catch them another time.

It was time for the main event, none other than former One Direction member Louis Tomlinson.  I have to admit I was not familiar with his stuff or One Direction’s for that matter.  The crowd however was fully aware and got most of my attention on this night.  From the first time we saw Louis on stage, the screams got louder and louder.  It was so riveting seeing the fans’ reactions to this surreal character that they grew up with, they were in a trance and all they could do was scream, cry and sing along with their favourite singer.  It was quite beautiful, it seemed like everyone in the place was going through their own magical moment, I’ve never quite seen anything like it.  I was totally down for it. 

Louis had them in the palms of his hands, never letting go.  He performed 22 songs including 2 One Direction songs and 1 cover of Arctic Monkeys’ 505, which I thought was spot on.  He was fantastic.  I really enjoyed his set and some of the songs that stood out to me were “Bigger Than Me,” “Written all over your Face,” “Copy of a Copy of a Copy,” and “Back To You.”  The best moment of the night was the first song of the encore.  The crowd went wild welcoming him back to the stage and when the first note of One Direction’s “Where Do Broken Hearts Go” hit the screams were at an all-time high and my ears are still ringing.  Call me impressed: he killed that song, even inserting a verse from The Who’s Baba O’Riley.

A solid night for the Brit; his solo career is starting off strong touring his second album Faith in the Future. Make sure to go check him out in a city near you.

Review & photos – Eric Brisson

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