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Remember live music? Well, some artists have been doing their best to deliver live music to you in this time of crisis. No service fees! No scalpers!

We’ve compiled some interesting COVID-19 live streams with some of the more interesting live shows on YouTube to help you get your fix!  

Dropkick Murphys – Streaming Up From Boston

Three things you can count on: Death, taxes and the Dropkick Murphy’s will play Boston on St-Paddy’s day. They didn’t let the pandemic stop them either! If you weren’t one of the 100k+ who caught the Livestream, catch it here:

Ziggy Marley – Livestream

If Ziggy Marley jamming with his kids on percussion doesn’t brighten your day I honestly don’t know what to say to you. One love. 

John Legend- Live at Home on Instagram

People’s sexiest man alive sits at his piano and croons you with the help of his wife Chrissy Teigen.

Flogging Molly – Fireside Sessions

Not a single stream, but every Thursday evening during this Crisis, husband and wife Dave and Bridget from Flogging Molly are live-streaming a few songs from their home in Ireland. Follow their YouTube channel to keep up to date

Pearl Jam – Safeco Field 

Are you bummed that your road trip to Ottawa or Quebec City to see Pearl Jam got postponed? Well, there’s always a different vibe to a hometown show. Watch a 3-hour set beautifully shot in Seattle. It’ll help you deal I promise. 

Coldplay: Everyday Life Live in Jordan – Sunset Performance

Coldplay deliver a unique performance on a rooftop in Jordan for a few lucky fans with some special guests. The cinematographers and sound engineers deserve some high praise on this one.

The White Stripes- Under Great White Northern Lights

Meg and Jack touring Canada? Playing unique shows along the way? If you wanna relive the outside world and this beautiful country of ours? What better way than with the White Stripes? 

Tyler Johnson (Twenty One Pilots) – Storyteller Performance

Twenty One Pilots are known for their high energy mashup of musical styles. In this incredible performance, vocalist Tyler Johnson breaks down some of their greatest hits with a sample machine and a piano. 

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