Kit Vale – Releases video PET…Animal Style

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Some band friendships stand the test of time. For The Never Evers, their support of Kit Vale (a.k.a. Jen Simpson), their former singer, never ends.

Pet was just released with the help of The Never Evers with Kit Vale at the helm.

The video sees Kit taken over by the animalistic desires of lust, as the music stirs up ecstatic energy from the pounding drums and driving guitars.

Shifting the power dynamics of male photographer vs female model, Pet gives shows us that desire is universal.

Whether you act upon these desires is where the challenge lies.

Recent allegations with Win Butler of Arcade Fire is a wake-up call to the industry that power dynamics are real, and cause an unfair advantage where lines can be blurred, or ignored althogether.

For Kit Vale, taking back the power is the beginning of healing and gaining strength.

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