Hear Toronto rockers The Midnight Echo’s “Dichotomy”

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THE MIDNIGHT ECHO is an alternative rock act based out of Toronto, Ontario. The band formed in 2016, releasing their debut album “Voyager” in early 2017. The band fuses the hook-laden anthems of the early 2000’s with the synth-driven tones of 80’s New Wave to create their own unique and atmospheric sound.  You might hear the influence of 30 Seconds To Mars, Angels and Airwaves, The 1975, Blink 182 and maybe even some early Fall Out Boy, but the sound of The Midnight Echo is their own. 

Timely new EP ‘Dichotomy’ examines the concept of going through difficult experiences in our lives with a sense of optimism. According to the band, the title “reflects life in general and the importance of experiencing both sides of the spectrum, as the highs associated with the good would not feel the same without the lows associated with the bad.”

Listen below:

Track List:
Track 1 – “Paris in 39 explores the dynamics of human relationships and the balance that’s struck between putting too little or too much into one. Everyone has experienced, in one way or another, what happens when there becomes an imbalance, and the song is really just commenting on the importance and difficulty in mutually finding that point.”

Track 2 – “Carbon Copy is your typical breakup song that discusses the feelings and emotions everyone goes through at some point in their lives. Sometimes people just want different things in life, and it doesn’t always work out.”

Track 3 – Victim’s Mentality – “For this track, the song title really explains itself. It is based around the idea of how people at some point or another in their lives will try and play the victim. Having seen this in our lives before we tried to encapsulate this type of mentality into a song to show how damaging it can be.”

Track 4 – How To Escape Reality – “This song focuses on the idea of the art medium itself. It discusses how important art can be for most people from books to movies to video games and also to music. We use it as something to get away from our everyday lives and as a way to escape reality, even for just a few moments.”

Track 5 – Fever Dreams – “The final track on the EP explains our journey so far as musicians and an upcoming Indie Band. It looks at the constant struggle that musicians and us specifically, have gone through to continually push our music forward through all of the ups and downs. Sometimes what we do as musicians can seem like a disorganized dream with all of the highs and lows, hence the title of the track.”

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