Gianni Berretta invites you to the House Of Dusk

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On the 4th of October, House of Dusk, led by Gianni Berretta, performed at the famous Les Foufounes Électriques, the mecca of Montreal’s best metal and prog rock bands (and not only). 

Energetic, powerful, and fascinating, the performance deserved to be seen and heard. It also gave birth to a live video part of merchandise packaging (when marketing meets music). 

The show marked the live debut of this project, created by Gianni and involving three other talented musicians: Gopal Devanathan (Chair Warriors), Rob Flis (Chair Warriors) and Ian Benhamou (The Musical Box Genesis tribute). It also put under the spotlight the band’s first record, House of Dusk, with two singles already dropped, “Letting Night” and “The Oath.” 

Montreal Rocks spoke with Gianni Berretta, investigating the sound behind the band, its references, and developments. But also Gianni’s vision and experiences, chatting about that famous feature in Metal Hammer magazine, his ten records under the belt realized with independent bands, the recording at System Two Brooklyn, art, projects, past and above all, the future. 

A musician who truly knows what he is talking about, Gianni has a clear sight on his music and his storytelling. Lyrics that seem to be taken from a Baudelaire poem, they also echo the proto-romantic German movement Sturm und Drang and the Romanticism itself, thus creating stories made of blood and vampires, love and death and a powerful sound yet complex with melodic lines.

Discover more about him in our chat below:

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