Fuming Mouth – Last Day of Sun ALBUM REVIEW

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The 12 songs that make up Fuming Mouth‘s follow-up to their excellent full-length debut, “The Grand Descent,” won’t disappoint those who have been eagerly awaiting their return. Fundamentally a death metal band with pronounced crust tendencies, the Massachusetts-based group expands the boundaries of these genres to craft something distinctive and, for the most part, utterly captivating.

On the new record, they come roaring to life with the immense “Out Of Time,” demonstrating that their absence has only made them tighter and more savage. And so begins the story of a city teetering on the edge of imminent darkness; the sun is set to fade away in just 24 hours. This looming eclipse triggers widespread chaos and desperation in the streets. As citizens confront their unavoidable end, they stand at a crossroads: will they rise above the impending doom, or will their spiralling fears hasten their downfall? Each song unfolds during a distinct hour, revealing a new aspect of the city’s struggles as the sun’s final glimmers wane.

They change things up with a clean chorus on “The Silence Beyond Life” before “Leaving Euphoria,” a trippy song that takes you to a bizarre and psychedelic place before “The Sign of Pain” portrays the deep longing for salvation from a divine force as the end becomes clear.

Lying within the lyrics, there’s another narrative revolving around vocalist, guitarist and founder Mark Whelan’s battle against the life-threatening Acute Myeloid Leukemia. Thankfully, Whelan emerged triumphant after his life-threatening battle, but you can’t help but notice how many of the songs, despite being written before his diagnosis, touch on subjects in line with his personal journey of struggle and hope.

Even without this emotional layer, the album stands out as a monumental death metal album. The band showcase their versatility, seamlessly moving between groove, thrash, and doom elements, often transitioning multiple times within a single track.

Collaborating once again with Converge’s Kurt Ballou on production, the results sound tremendously impactful. They pour their heart and soul into the five-and-a-half-minute finale, “Postfigurement.” which begins with a distinct ambiance, progresses to introduce intricate vocal harmonies beneath the powerful lead vocals, and culminates in a beautifully captivating guitar melody.

“Last Day Of Sun” is a triumph in every sense. This album will resonate with many fans of extreme music and is likely headed for several Album Of The Year lists.

For Fans Of: Gatecreeper, Creeping Death, Frozen Soul, Venom Prison, Tomb Mold, Mammoth Grinder

Fuming Mouth play Foufounes Electriques with Devil Master on November 3rd.

Mark Whelan – Guitar, Vocals
Andrew Budwey – Guitar
Pat Merson – Bass
James Davis – Drums

Review – Steve Gerrard

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