Montreal’s ETERNAL CLOSURE aim to practice what they preach

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Montreal’s Eternal Closure has long been a metalcore mainstay in the Eastern Canadian music scene but is taking on a new identity with their next album “At the Center of It All – Chapter I” produced with Chris Donaldson (Cryptopsy), which not only showcases their new vocalist, but also gives fans a chance to check out how they have progressed musically, incorporating influences such as post-rock, prog metal, and djent. The first look into their new album is the single “Practice What You Preach”, one of the band’s most aggressive cuts.

They explain further:

“This song is a full-on thrash assault for most of its duration. The chorus then becomes a bit more of a heavy groove. The riffs then become a bit more prog in nature while retaining the thrashy aggressiveness. After the end of the bridge, we bring the song down into a soft clean bridge that slowly develops into this anthemic guitar duo section and eventually goes back to the beginning of the song with the intensity at its peak. The ambient outro then leads directly into Exiled. The lyrics deal with people who think they have it all figured out and resent other people they judge not worthy of speaking on anything.”

On “Practice What You Preach”, every member gets a chance to shine on one of the album’s most cathartic tracks, where old-school thrash riffs seamlessly blend with melodic guitar solos and modern production. The music video shows a woman starting to see the ugly side of herself that she buried inside, starting to replace who she thought she was. Mirror imagery was used in almost every shot to emphasize the theme. Montreal-based filmmaker Matt Veillette and his team really went out of their way to create powerful and evocative scenes that enhance the song’s message.

As for the rest of the album, Eternal Closure presents a heavier sound than ever before. Their lyrics are darker and meaner overall and the music reflects that. They decided to split the album into two parts to give the material more of a chance to breathe. It’s not quite a concept album, but many lyrics and musical ideas are re-used throughout.

With a wicked rush of potent riffs, powerful vocals, and unending passion, Eternal Closure offers a lot for fans of core and proggy genres, they are most suitable for fans of Killswitch Engage, As I Lay Dying, and Currents.

Watch the video below:

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“At the Center of It All – Chapter I” comes out on September 23, 2022.

Photo Credit – Sébastien-Charles Boitel

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