Ellevator + Basement Revolver @ L’Escogriffe

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Concert Review: Ellevator + Basement Revolver April 2, 2019

Ellevator at L’Escogriffe in Montreal

Sometimes, you hear stories of people seeing a band like Florence and the Machine in a pub, before ever becoming famous and wonder…what would that be like?

I can honestly say that I had that tingly feeling tonight.  It’s the feeling that I’m witnessing something special.  

Basement Revolver at L’Escogriffe in Montreal

Basement Revolver

We started the night with Basement Revolver from Hamilton, Ontario.  I always have a soft spot for 90’s indie rock and the band delivered that sound in a unique way.  

There is an homage to the shoegaze sound of the bands that shared their label Sonic Unyon. 

They started with “Baby”, the first track off their latest release “Heavy Eyes” which I was able to get on vinyl.  

Chrisy Hurn has a sweet voice, but can really unleash something from within, that adds depth to the songs.

The newest addition to the band, Jonathan Malström can shred his guitar like a wood chipper!  At times, it felt like he was performing a Sonic Youth set, but somehow it just fit in the whole sonic assault.  After destroying some strings early in the set, Tyler Bersche (Ellevator) came to the rescue and provide one of his multiple guitars.  

The song that really moved me was “Knocking” which Chrisy sang with such force, but with gritted teeth like she was living through the emotion that evoked the song. 

Playing 11 songs as an opener is quite something and although the Esco was sparse in terms of fans, both bands played their hearts out.  

Ellevator on stage at L’Escogriffe in Montreal


I had never heard of Ellevator till our editor Steve clicked on a promoted post, something he rarely does.  It was a Kate Bush cover of “Running Up That Hill” that hooked him in.  He posted to our group to find a reviewer, and bam…I was hooked as well.  

You can hear something in the songs that shoots above the mediocrity.  Speaking with Nabi Sue Bersche after the show, you can sense that her songs are deeply personal, and created without the need to try to please everyone. 

Yes, the band isn’t at the point where it can fully invest itself in the music. She loves Montreal and during her set, she related how she would move here if it wasn’t for the fact that her French was poor…so she would struggle to find a job.  Yes…the bills still need to be paid.

While the band pays their dues…they seem to captivate and lasso in new fans almost instantly.  

Playing songs off the EP and introducing new songs, just around the corner…it was quite something to see and hear.  

“Running Up That Hill” was the song that sucked people off their bar stools and close to the stage.  It was uncanny…a rendition that sent shivers down your spine.

Songs like “Struggle/Lust” and “Voices” are just so catchy that you would need a vaccine to forget them.    

The song titled “City” on the setlist was the crescendo of the evening, feeling like a hurricane picking up everyone in its path, myself included.  Fully sucked into the experience, you had to stand up like a force was preventing you to sit still.  It was that magical moment that gave me the “Florence Effect.”

Ellevator at L’Escogriffe in Montreal, Canada

Ending with “St. Cecilia”, another song the CDC would consider infectious, Nabi Sue walked off the stage to let the band end the finale with a bang.

Then…sadly…the performance was over.  

The evening, of course, was just starting.  Members from both bands took the time to speak to those that attended, signed merch and simply hung out.

After some great conversations, it was time to call it a night…but what a night it was. 

There was a buzz in the air that was unmistakable.  We experienced something out of the ordinary.  If you weren’t there…I can’t put it into words, no matter how hard I try.  Sometimes, with live music, you just have to put yourself out there and experience it.   

This Ellevator is going up…and we stepped into it for an amazing ride.  Thank-you….we don’t want to come back down.

Ellevator at L’Escogriffe in Montreal 2019
Ellevator Setlist

Review: Randal Wark is a Professional Speaker and MasterMind Facilitator with a passion for live music.  You can follow him on InstagramTwitter and YouTube.

Photos – Steve Gerrard

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