Easy Tiger interview – Montreal’s new DIY queens

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Results of necessary goodbyes, new spaces, DIY dedications and glasses of wine with all the time in the world, Gabrielle La Rue (Guidestones, ex-NOBRO) and Sarah Dion (Les Shirley, NOBRO) recently unveiled their new duo Easy Tiger via the single “Ibiza”.

Both lo-fi and vectorial, Easy Tiger integrates power pop, indie rock, 80s pop and country-rock influences to evoke “the soundtrack of a tiki bar full of cowboys drinking margaritas”. The duo released their debut EP Breakfast In Bed on May 6.

With this EP project, Gabrielle La Rue wanted to tell the story of her last 365 days, from a rough breakup to a new apartment with her dog, all interspersed with road trips – like the evolution of her state of mind, almost scene by scene. Sarah Dion joined her to shape up the acoustic demos, recording as much in sticky basements as in luxurious cottages, relying on the DIY ethos because she had no money and because she simply had to do it. An EP like a self-examination, a discounted therapy: to leave behind the outdated in order to make room for what really matters – and to dance. 

First breach, the single “Ibiza” goes in the same direction, opposing habits of low standards and self-destructive propensities to an appetite for the dance floor. A rock anthem as it should be, with power-pop flavour, surging guitar and wide voice, in which the rhymes between “pizza” and “Ibiza” are placed appropriately.

Montreal Rocks caught up with Gabrielle & Sarah to chat about their new project. Watch the full interview below:

 Breakfast In Bed is out now!

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