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DOMINIC FIKE - L'Olympia, Montréal - Tickets

Also known as Elliot from internationally praised TV show “Euphoria”, Dominic Fike passed through Montreal during his latest tour.

As most of his shows along this tour have been sold out, it’s no surprise Montreal didn’t fall short of this trend. Many dedicated fans had waited in line for hours outside in the cold snow.

Following the release of “Euphoria” season 2, it appeared Dominic Fike had taken some time to further pursue his music career, which had gained millions of new fans.

I do, however, have a confession to make. I have never seen “Euphoria” or heard of Dominic Fike before. However, I did know him as a familiar face as I had seen him in some clips on social media. I was excited and eager to learn why so many people adored him so much.

Upon entering L’Olympia, I was stunned at how many people fit into the venue. Most of the audience were young girls wearing streaks of glitter and coloured eye shadow representing signature “Euphoria” looks.

I had barely managed to squeeze into a tiny crevice in the corner of the right stage towards the front, and once the lights dimmed, I immediately regretted not bringing earplugs. Not because the music was too loud but due to the hysterical screaming surrounding me wherever I looked. I was trapped. However, I was ready for whatever lay ahead of me.

Dominic Fike skipped onto the stage in his signature jeans and a t-shirt style. I had never seen so many phones at a show before, which was a little disappointing. He barely had to sing the words as all his fans were nearly twice as loud as he was. It reminded me of a gospel choir of some sort. It was truly one of a kind to witness. 

I kept having to remind myself who exactly I was seeing here. Dominic Fike or Justin Bieber? 

Dominic Fike played a number of infectiously catchy hits such as “3 Nights”, “Babydoll”, “She Wants My Money”, and “Phone Numbers.” With each performance, he created an intimate and emotional experience for new fans as well as the old, along each stop of his tour.

It’s clear to me how deeply he cares for his fanbase just by watching him interact with them.

He had also played some acapella numbers with only his guitar and had fans crying all around me almost on cue during these moments.

Dominic Fike’s voice reminds me distinctively of the legendary Mac Miller. He brings a unique and raw rap/rock energy that someone can only be born with. He has remarkable talent, and I just might go and watch “Euphoria” now after all.

Rachel Lynn

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