Dave Matthews Band return to the Bell Centre

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The Dave Matthews Band will be back on the road again this summer, kicking off a sprawling summer trek through North America including a date at the Bell Centre in Montreal on July 22nd. Tickets for the tour will be available to the public on Friday, February 13th starting at 10am local time.

To keep things interesting, the band will perform two full sets each night, a format it introduced during its 2014 tour. Those shows featured both career-spanning electric and acoustic sets and found Matthews & the band coming up with unique list of songs each night (including a few covers, like Paul Simon’s “Slip Slidin’ Away” and Rodriguez’s “Sugar Man.”)

“Dave checks with what was played at each venue over the past five years, and also what’s been played the past couple of nights and how far we are from these areas,” bassist Stefan Lessard explained to Rolling Stone last year. “So, if you’re playing somewhere that’s only an hour away from where you played last night, you’re gonna try and write a set that is very different from the one before. He’s keeping tabs on all of the different elements.”


Get tickets for the Bell Centre show from 10am on February 13th.

Live photo – Steve Gerrard


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