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BACKXWASH in Montreal church 2022

Halloween weekend 2022 was definitely a memorable one. For most, it consisted of various nightclubbing events and house parties. However, beloved church Le Monastere quickly became the host venue for the show of a lifetime.

Zambian-Canadian doom-rap legend Backxwash blessed fans internationally this Halloween. Not only with the launch of her latest album, “HIS HAPPINESS SHALL COME FIRST EVEN THOUGH WE ARE SUFFERING,” but with single-handedly one of the best performances I’ve ever seen.

Backxwash took us to church with a riveting and emotional performance. Not only did she take us to a literal church, but she also performed on a square-shaped stage in the centre of the venue. It was easy for me to see her feelings of darkness, pain, and healing from all angles. From beginning to end, I physically felt her pain and vulnerability watching her perform. 

I also noticed breakthroughs of joy and release. When the audience engaged in a mosh pit at the most popular side of the square stage. 

I appreciated how fully immersed Backxwash was in the feelings she was portraying. I could easily relate to her at times, and I’m sure fellow audience members were able to feel her pain in a similar light.

It’s not an easy task to get up on a stage and share your deepest and darkest thoughts. Let alone trust the whole world, who are mostly strangers with such knowledge. I felt lucky to have been briefly let into the mind of Backxwash. 

I was fortunate enough to be able to witness such talent. After seeing how talented she is live, I appreciate her more than ever as an artist.

Backxwash is an artist to watch in the near future. She is a rising star in the underground rap industry, as well as a voice greatly needed in a generation of suffering. 

Backxwash’s art is a healing process for us all, and I look forward to what’s next for her.

Jodie Jodie Roger in Montreal 2022
Jodie Jodie Roger

Review – Rachel Lynn

Photos – Steve Gerrard

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