Atreyu + Memphis May Fire @ Beanfield Theatre

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As the thunderous roar of guitars filled the air and the crowd erupted with anticipation, Beanfield Theatre in Montreal transformed into a haven for metalcore enthusiasts, with Atreyu and Memphis May Fire co-headlining, making it an unforgettable evening.

To kick off the night, Memphis May Fire burst onto the stage with raw energy and an infectious zeal that immediately captivated the audience. They began their set with “Vices” and “Left for Dead.” Their unique blend of melodic metalcore created an electrifying atmosphere, with the audience headbanging in unison to every thunderous breakdown.

Frontman Matty Mullins connected effortlessly with the fans, pouring his heart and soul into each lyric. The band’s setlist was a well-balanced mix of fan favourites and tracks from their latest release, leaving no room for disappointment. Standout performances included the emotionally charged “Miles Away” and the adrenaline-fueled “The Sinner,” concluding their set with “Blood & Water.”

It was now time for Atreyu‘s onslaught of high-energy hits. With their undeniable chemistry and signature metalcore sound, Atreyu began the night with one of their newer songs, “Drowning,” and proceeded to play a 14-song set. The band’s stage presence was formidable, delivering an awe-inspiring performance. Brandon Saller’s vocals were flawless, hitting every note with precision.

Atreyu’s setlist featured a perfect blend of their dynamic discography, including adrenaline-pumping tracks like “Save Us” and the anthemic “Ex’s and Oh’s.” The band performed “Gone” for the first time ever, a welcome addition to the setlist. My only complaint is that they didn’t play their new track “Immortal,” choosing to include only three tracks from their new EP, “The Moment You Find Your Flame.”

Bassist Marc McKnight took a moment to express their gratitude to the crowd, echoed by Brandon in a humble gesture from a band that truly deserves all the love. They closed their set with the explosive “Warrior” and “Blow.” What a phenomenal way to conclude a fantastic night! I can’t wait to see them return to the city!

Review & photos – Eric Brisson

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