Antichrist Siege Machine + Adultère @ Turbo Haus

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Black metal enthusiasts amassed a Turbohaus to catch Antichrist Siege Machine and opening local band Adultère. A short two-band bill on a Sunday evening was appreciated as we all could be home early for bed, thanks to Blue Skies Turn Black for organizing this show.

I was quite excited for this evening of black metal, I was not familiar with either of the bands but some friends highly recommended Antichrist Siege Machine.

Adultère, a 3-piece band from Montreal, climbed on stage with leather and spikes and performed a solid performance of first wave-inspired black metal. I have always been a fan of the theatrics and aesthetics of black metal and I greatly enjoy their stage personas.  The stage was bathed in a red light, giving the band a dark and sinister look. They performed a set featuring songs from their recently released album “Les Trainées du Diable”. Their old-school riffs and eerie vocal resonated as the band passionately played their set. The crowd started moshing as the band launched into a GG Allin cover, “Drink, Fight & Fuck”. I was very pleased to discover them tonight, and I have been listening to their album since last night. If you are a black metal fan in Montreal, I highly suggest you give their album a listen and check them out live.

Antichrist Siege Machine, a two-piece from Richmond, were next. As soon as the first notes blasted off, it was an intense and unrelenting sonic experience from start to finish. The band’s fast, heavy and loud guitar riffs and thunderous drumming created a wall of sound that pummeled the crowd gathered at Turbohaus. Both members growled and screeched over the maelstrom of sound, creating a monstrous sound wall. The band melds riffs from classic black metal influences with the destruction and intensity of grindcore to create their own unique sound. The band’s raw energy made for a memorable performance. I highly suggest you check out their latest album, “Purifying Blade,” on Profound Lore records.

Jason Maher

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