Alex Henry Foster – Video Release The Son of Hannah

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When Eli saw Hannah, her lips quivered as she wept.  He believed she was drunk, but instead, barren Hannah was deep in prayer, weeping, asking for a son. 

She vowed that if she did receive a son, she would dedicate the child to serve at the temple.

After three years, Samuel was weaned, and Hannah kept her promise.

The biblical account of a woman, yearning for a son, but showing an incredible willingness to sacrifice everything, to keep her promise.

For Alex Henry Foster, his sacrifice was just as intense as Hannah’s.  

Alex lost his father to alcoholism, but found him again, ravaged by Cancer and having gained sobriety through faith.

Read our interview here.

On his father’s deathbed, Alex was face to face with someone who caused immense pain and scars that might never fully heal.

In that final 15 minutes, a son forgave his father, and allowed him to have peace in his final moments.

Just like the crescendo of the song The Son of Hannah, there is a raw, cathartic release of tension that is born of anger, but released as hope.

A father, who sacrificed all for the drink, but found Jesus.  A son, who found freedom in forgiveness, which inspired a very intimate concert for the Montreal International Jazz Festival in 2019.  

Alex sacrificed the fame of Your Favorite Enemies and exchanged it for this personal quest to uncover his deepest emotions.  His bandmates joined him in this expedition, and the result is a very powerful journey of forgiveness and hope where Alex can finally “leave the past behind.”

The promise Alex is keeping is to include us in his journey.

Watch the video and tell us what sacrifices are you making?
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