Sheenah Ko Live at L’Orbite

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L’Orbite has to be one of the most interesting venues to attended a concert.

While its day job is a tropical plant shop, it is also is a big supporter of the arts, which includes hosting concerts in its intimate space.

Tonight, the stage would be graced by Sheenah Ko, backed by an insanely talented Caroline Tremblay. 

Sheenah is the keyboardist for The Besnard Lakes and has toured with Bedouin Soundclash among many others.

She beat out Beyonce at the 2020 UK Video Awards for best choreography for Wrap Me Up.

With a new solo album on the horizon, she played to a full capacity room, surrounded by exotic plants and equally exotic humans.

She played some of the songs from her 2020 Nowhere In Time realease, which George Stroumboulopoulos called “One of my favorite records so far of 2020” when he interviewed Sheenah for the Strombo Show.

Moody songs like Wrap Me Up and See You were mixed with some really upbeat, electronic songs from the upcoming album.

There were tender moments when Sheenah sat behind the piano and sang about whales in Saguenay.  

Saguenay has left a deep impression in Sheenah’s heart, having attended a residency with the Centre d’Experimentation Musicale.  

It was a creative spark, with intense collaborations that led her to Saguenay, her new home, where she can deepen those connections, and creativity.

It was there, that she met Caroline Tremblay, who harmonized with Sheenah in a way that even the plants had goosebumps.

There were awkward funny moments, like when Sheenah forgot some of the lyrics to a song.  

Another Saguenay connection, Olivier, stepped up to the plate, and the stage and helped her finish the song.  

Much more intimate that a concert, this was a gathering of friends, in a relaxed atmosphere where you could joke around and improvise.

Don’t get me wrong, the performance was solid, and there is no denying that Sheenah is a keyboard genius, even doing some sort of guitar solo using keys.  

It was a perfect evening, one with great music surrounded by the beauty of nature’s own greatest hits:  Plants.  

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